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Aerogen is synonymous with the effective treatment of respiratory illness among patient groups of all ages playing a critical role in emergency departments and intensive care units in over 75 countries worldwide.

With a strong commitment to scientific excellence, Aerogen invests heavily in research and development to evolve its pioneering product range and change the future of respiratory patient care.


Aerogen Solo

Pioneering vibrating mesh aerosol drug delivery nebulizer.

Single patient use nebulizer. Innovative aerosol drug delivery technology offers superior performance across all hospital modalities.

Aerogen Ultra

Superior drug delivery in the emergency department.

Harness the power of Aerogen Solo nebulizer in a hand-held device for optimum drug delivery. Mouthpiece and facemask compatible.

Aerogen Pro-X Controller

Portable power source for Aerogen nebulizer devices.

Superior mobility across the hospital. 30-min and continuous modes.

Aerogen USB Controller

Portable USB power source for Aerogen nebulizer devices.

30-min and 6-hour modes. Superior mobility across the hospital.