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Aerogen is the world’s leading manufacturer & distributor of high performance aerosol drug delivery technology.

Their breakthrough palladium vibrating mesh technology is sold in over 75 countries worldwide and has treated over 4.5 million patients.

Aerogen works across all therapies for ventilated and non-ventilated patients, (HFNC, NIV, MV, HFOV, Spontaneous breathing) ensuring effective treatment of patients within ICU, ED and the paediatric department.

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Aerogen Solo

Single patient use nebuliser.

Innovative aerosol drug delivery technology offers superior performance across all hospital modalities.

Aerogen Ultra

Harness the power of Aerogen Solo nebuliser in a hand-held device for optimum drug delivery. 

Mouthpiece and face-mask compatible.

Aerogen Pro-X Controller

Superior mobility across the hospital.

30-minute and continuous modes.

Aerogen USB Controller

Superior mobility across the hospital and suitable for home use.

30-minute and 6-hour modes.

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