Eden Medical

Nurtured by Design is a family-owned company that started in 2001 with the birth of Zachary and this was when the 'The Zaky®' was created by his mum.

Nurtured by Design have grown to become pioneers in designing comprehensive ergonomic devices that actively engage parental instinct to help babies develop, grow, and heal.


Zaky Hug

Babies develop their brain during the sleeping process. 

The Zaky HUG protectively provides an ergonomic surrounding where your baby or toddler feels safe, loved, comfortable and relaxes, and offering the sense of security they need to fall asleep. You will sleep better as well.

Zaky Zak

The Zaky ZAK is the original strapless top specifically designed to provide safe, comfortable, hands-free kangaroo (skin-to-skin) sessions while sitting, standing or reclined.  It supports standing and sitting transfer and allows for full access to the baby in an instant and with minimal disruption.