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Stihler are a reputable German medical manufacturer. Their product portfolio specialises in equipment designed to 
prevent hypothermia and prophylaxis of decubitus both in the surgical department and throughout the hospital

The entire Stihler Electronic product line is characterised by longevity and sustainability: 

all their products are designed for many years' routine use, and disposables are not required for use.


We stock Stihler's patient and fluid warming systems, together with their diaphanoscopy technology.


Astodia allows the easy search for and safe puncture of blood vessels. It is especially suitable for patients in the field of paediatrics, and preferable for premature babies and neonates. With Astodia it is also possible to identify structures filled with air or liquid deep under the skin surface, and in addition, venous and arterial vessels can be clearly shown.

Astopad patient warming system

Astopad is a flexible, conductive and reusable patient warming system which is very economical, simple to operate and of great clinical benefit. As the first line of treatment for the reduction of perioperative hypothermia, Astopad provides effective and economic benefits for all surgical patients. 

Astopad baby warmer

The Astopad baby warmer cares for all premature and newborn babies with comfortable and protective warmth. It can be used in any bed, without affecting the close contact between mother and child. The heated blanket can be used underneath to warm the surface the baby is lying on and/or as a top blanket.

Astopad SOF

Astopad SOF offers a unique combination of prophylaxis against hypothermia and intraoperative decubitus. Astopad SOF cushion for OR tables is heated and antistatic. The core piece of Astopad SOF is a visco-elastic foam combined with a dynamic foam basis for best possible prophylaxis against decubitus on the OR table.

Astotherm Plus

A high-performance blood and infusion warmer, ideally equipped for every application. Warm infusions and transfusions protect your patient from hypothermia in the operating theatre and in intensive care. Astotherm Plus warms all infusions and transfusions by the dry flow-heating method – efficiently, safely and with the utmost economy in daily use.