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Cuski is a family-owned company that began over 18 years ago with a vision to create the perfect baby comforter, now known as the Cuski Miniboo, which was small enough to hold, soft enough to hold against baby's skin and also fully machine washable allowing it to be used in SCBUs and NICUs all over the world.

18 years on Cuski are still extremely passionate about their products and have since expanded their developmental care range to include Claires nests which aid positioning, Sweet Dreameezz which are used as incubator covers to shade babies from bright lights and finally Mini Swandoodles, specially made bamboo muslin blankets to help with over handling of premature babies.


Claire's Nest

The Cuski Claire’s Nest has been designed, inspired and created by Claire (Neonatal Sister) and Cuski Baby Limited. An essential part of any Developmental Care Package supplied on the Neonatal Unit providing the optimum environment to contain and support the position of the baby, helping to facilitate normal physical development while providing safe boundaries and comfort to aid physiological stability and positive neuro-developmental outcomes.

Claire's Clinical Nest

Claire’s Clinical Nest has been developed as an alternative to the standard Claire’s Nest, the Clinical Nest has sides that can be folded down for ventilation tubing and respiratory support, for wires and tubes and for easy access to babies to promote minimal handling.

Bertie Positioning Aid

The Bertie was developed by Cuski to support the neuro-development of the preterm infant. It can be used to support infants in prone, supine and side-lying positions.


The Miniboo was developed as a bonding aid for parents who are advised not to hold their babies. Parents keep one of the tiny miniboos and the baby has the other, these can be swapped each day to help with bonding, improve milk flow in breastfeeding mothers and can lower babies heart rates.