Eden Medical

Pelican Feminine Healthcare is a UK manufacturer of single use medical instruments, specialising in Gynaecological products including market leading PELIspec.


PELIspec Vaginal Speculum

A strong, sterile, disposable vaginal speculum, available in 5 sizes. Selected sizes are also available without the locking mechanism. 

PELIspec Vaginal Speculum with Light Source

Featuring a built-in light source attachment configured to provide effective directional light for maximum visibility during gynaecological procedures.

PELIspec Vaginal Speculum with Smoke Extractor

Featuring a built-in extraction tube configured to efficiently remove smoke produced during the procedure.

Deliberately manufactured in white to best reflect light and ensure maximum visibility.

PELIspec Pro-Wall Speculum

Featuring a latex-free sheath configured to efficiently secure an unobstructed view of the cervical anatomy to ensure maximum visibility during the procedure.

PELIspec Sims Speculum

Commonly used for inspection of the vaginal walls and can be used as an alternative to the traditional Cusco design.


PELIjelly® is a sterile, water based lubricant designed for use in gynaecological, digital and instrument examinations.

The sachet format allows minimal waste and also removes any concerns regarding cross-infection.


A precise, single-toothed grip and secure locking mechanism specifically designed to allow greater visibility.


Strong, but flexible moulded plastic with central thumb hold for ease of use. The tapered end allows gradual cervical dilation while the smooth, rounded tips reduce the risk of perforation.

IUD Pack

Complete pack for the fitting and removal of intra-uterine devices. Each pack contains single-use plastic and metal instruments.